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Social & Environmental Awareness

It is our inherent commitment to quality and design that is the single most important thing we can do as a business to protect the environment. Throughout the design process we strive to create apparel that will outlast its first, second, third (maybe even fourth) owner and we make sure that every organization involved in the creation of a Hatley garment shares the same goals and ideals.


The timeless colour palettes we choose, the styles we design, the prints we hand draw are all meant to transcend seasons and fleeting fashion trends. Indeed, it’s the details that are poured into every Hatley garment along with our high-quality standards that make each piece a potential family heirloom to cherish or to hand down.

Nothing brings us more joy than to see our raincoats get handed down from sibling to sibling, to friend, to neighbour… to whoever the next lucky child is. At Hatley, we believe that quality trumps quantity and that every little change has an impact.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing is about the way in which our products are made and about the workers who make them. Hatley is forever committed to sourcing responsibly and sustainably; to ensuring safe and fair working conditions for all, throughout our supply chain; to being mindful of the environmental and social impacts our sourcing process may bring and minimizing any risks by choosing wisely.